The recent popularity in Japan of learning Asian culture

*Write an essay on the given TOPIC covering three of the POINTS below.
*Structure: three or more paragraphs including an introduction and conclusion.
*Length: around 200 words.

The recent popularity in Japan of learning Asian culture

POINTS (I used ●s)
○Asians in Japna
●Diplomatic relations
○Cultural similarities
●Economic ties

Every summer, in these few years, when Prime Minister Junici Koizumi visits Yasukuni Shrine, china criticizes it. North Korea is demanding the food and economic aid, backed with threat of nuclear weapon, and South Korea’s economic growth with IT techniques is a big brow to Japan’s economy. Seeing these situations, it is natural that learning Asian culture, why they are behaving like that, is getting popular in Japan. Add to this, there are two more points which encourage this tendency.

First, Asia has to cooperate to vie with US or EU economy.
To stand against US economy, countries of Europe strengthened their ties by constructing Europe Union. Among this big two economic zones, Asia has to consider strengthening their economic ties among neighbors, or will rose our economic standing point.

Second, we, Japanese, need environmental safety.
As located next to China, Japan receives severe effect of China’s environmental destruction. Air pollution will drift to Japan, land erosion causes “Yellow Sand” and China’s huge emission of CO2 causes climate change. To protect our country, we have to strengthen diplomatic relations between China and Japan, and thus, for its base, we have to learn each other.

In conclusion, resent popularity in Japan of learning Asian Culture is because we, Japanese, need to protect ourselves in economic and environmental issues. (217 words, 24 minutes)







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