Do young people today have shorter attention spans?

Do young people today have shorter attention spans?

To the question whether young people today have shorter attention spans, I would answer "Yes". For example, they zap TV programs in terms of seconds, or could not bear reading books which need long concentration in the stories. I contemplate this is because of following two reasons.

First, influence of influx of information.
Young people get growth with accompanied by TV. TV stations, who desire to keep audience watching TV, have to keep their program attractive otherwise the audience will zap the cannel to others'. Consequently, TV programs need to sustain the interest of audience's and give the climax at least once in 15 minutes.
Young people used to watch these programs tend to short in attention spans and they might feel boring if there is no new progress within 15 minutes.

Second, education which give quick answers.
At school, students are given education. But at the class, students will be provided all the answers at least by the end of the class period. When they have any questions, teacher will never hesitate to answer, or they can look up the answer in the text book.
These facts make children used to be given every answer in few minutes, and they tend to grow unbearable to the suspension before getting answers.

In conclusion, I say that young people these days have shorter attention spans in their growing circumstances and is not just a phenomenon we should regret.
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Re:Do young people today have shorter attention spans?(10/21)
Hi, there.

Exactly. And you know, they always want to say "kireru" word. I have to say it means that he is getting angry or he is cutting a wire or something. They are very moody. Their condition will change very easily even if they look like fine now. It's said that an education with relaxation and hope should be need for current education systems. Most of schools have changed its systems but chances of taking cram school increased by using idle times.

What is an education with relaxation and hope for ? What should make use of the extra time? Come to think of this, I feel sorry. (^_^)v

Re:Do young people today have shorter attention spans?(10/21)
I think this problem is not only young people but also adult people.

As you know, under middle-aged people had been educated same way of current education system.

And they were also heavy viewers of television

in their childhood.

Many of those are in raising children, but would they raise the children with their concentrate and patience?

Do they teach their children how to behave,"SHITSUKE"?

In public place, many children act very rude in these days.

And their parents seem to have connived.

And it seems they would like to escape raising children.

The word origin of "SHITUKE" is "continuation".

"SHITSUKE" is abbreviated word "SHITSUDUKERU".

"Continuation"is always with "Patience"

I think their parents don't have this "patience".

Even their parents don't have this "patience",

why children can have this "patience"?

In my opinion, this problem started 30 or 40 years ago.
Re[1]:Do young people today have shorter attention spans?(10/21)

I assume one factor of young people being moody is unbalance of nutrition.

As for me, when I was pregnant, I feel very edgy and one small unpleasant issue might drive me explosion. At that time I thought I could understand young people who stab their grandparents when got scold for miner misbehavior.

I contemplate what made me that edgy, and decided that I was short of "calcium". And when I took calcium supplement, I feel usual at once!

Believe or not, it is the fact.
Re[1]:Do young people today have shorter attention spans?(10/21)

I agree with you that it is not the problem just to young people.

On Nikkey newspaper, Saturday, says that people get irritated when trains are late more than 5 minutes and they don't want to see the page which take more than 7 seconds to be open.

I didn't know that Japanese word "Shitsuke" comes from "Shituzukeru".

But I learned that "Ikuji(育児)", raise a child, is "Ikuji(育自)", raise myself, through raising my children

I thought I should rethink my own behavior before blaming young people.

Thank you for your good suggestion.




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