Are labor unions necessary in the modern workplace?

Today, I would like to consider if labor unions are necessary in the modern workplace.
To this question, I would like to answer "No" in following three reasons.

First, working circumstances are changing and they can change the work if necessary.
Permanent employments used to be dominant in Japanese workplace. Though, it is changing significantly to more flexible style of working. So, if a worker has any complaint about his or her working conditions, he or she could change their work. In this condition, the company may lose distinguished workers unless it changes their policy and thus the company must reconsider its policy.

Second, the needs of workers are diversifying and one union could not unite the demand.
At first, the status of workers was comparatively identical especially in Japan: male with wife to take care of their family. But now days, it is diversifying that all workforce's gender, marital and family condition, age and educational background are diversifying. One might want more wages on the other hand the other might want more flexible working time. Thus it is difficult for union to unite the demand.

And finally, big labor unions seem to be corrupted.
I don't know about small labor unions, but for the big labor unions with long history, the tops of them seem to have some collusive relationship with companies. Sometimes unbelievable conclusions are already settled between the company and labor union and we the member have no space to say anything. I think we should think of other way to claim our needs to companies' managers, other than long lived labor unions.

In conclusion, I would like to say that labor unions are not necessary anymore in the modern workplace because the working circumstances are changing, the needs of workers are diversifying and long-lived big labor unions seems to be corrupted.
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Re:Are labor unions necessary in the modern workplace?(11/02)
Hi kayo-san

Today's topic is very interesting.

Most of your opinion is reasonable,

so I agree with you.

But..I'm going to tell you an experience of my own.

I lost my job last year.

I worked for National Institute as a fixed-term clerk.

By some of reason, the budget from the government was decreased.

And 15 people were fired without legitimate reason.

Rest of 75 people are still working.

We asked to the corporation why we became targets of dismissal,but they said

"You have belonged an unlucky section

.That is only reason."

This was illegal dismissal.

They have to state the criterion when they dismiss someone.

The clerk of Bureau of Labor Standards asked me whether I sue the corporation.

Of course, I didn't.

I wonder if there were any labor union , they could not dismiss us without a justification .

We couldn't even complain to the corporation.

After that, I became a temporary worker. Temporary workers are in the vulnerable position and no labor union.

A boss of my previous job

said " As our permanent employees belong to union labor, they have right to take an annual holiday, but you don't.

Because you're subcontractor staff."

Now I'm in the good company where all staff and boss are very kind.

Although I'm very lucky to get this job ,considering my age this is the last chance to get like this job.

I think the big labor union is not necessary any more. But if there is no labor union how do we keep the position of workers who is in the vulnerable position?

I'm not sure.....

Bureau of Labor Standards is useless.:-(
Re[1]:Are labor unions necessary in the modern workplace?(11/02)

I think it was too bad that you have fired.

Did you consider filing a suit against the Institute?

If there is not labor union that you can rely on, you can consult an organization like this.

http://www.t-union.or.jp/" target="_blank">http://www.t-union.or.jp/

But to tell the truth, the position of a worker is vulnerable.

I agree with you that there must be some means to protect employees.




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